The Kuvu


The Kuvu™ can be used in hundreds of ways to hang, wrap, hold, loop, grab, organize & store almost anything you can think of. The Kuvu™ is an essential product to have in your home, RV, boat, shed, garage, cottage, and more. A versatile tool for all your needs. In fact, there’s probably hundreds more uses for the Kuvu™ we haven’t thought of yet.



The Kuvu™ is designed to provide strength, durability, and flexibility.

• Made from high grade polymer & recycled rubber tires
• Environmentally upcycled from discarded rubber
• No more broken zip ties or ripped bungee cords
• Withstands the elements outdoors
• Reusable!


How many ways can you use Kuvu™?

Probably hundreds, its functionality is endless.

• Wrap, Hang, Tie, Loop, Secure anything
• Use Kuvu™ on Hoses, Cords, Christmas Lights and bundle
• Hang Tools and Garden items with ease
• Organize your skis, skates, snowboards, baseball bats, tennis racquets, skateboards, rollerblades and more!

K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(illy)

The Kuvu™ could not be any simpler. This isn’t rocket science, but basic organization and tidiness.

• Use in your home, garage, shed, RV, camper, cottage, garden
• Inexpensive and affordable
• How do you Kuvu™?

Kuvu™ Uses







Start Kuvu'ing!

Kuvu™ House Warmer Gift Pack

$14.99 $19.99

The Kuvu™ Gift Set comes with 3 Kuvu™ Starter Packs for you to give to your friends, neighbours, loved ones, Dads, Moms, Grandparents... Give the perfect Gift!

This Gift Set is perfect for giving. Separate the packs, keep one for yourself, or give all three as gifts! The Kuvu™ offers endless garage storage and organization ideas. They are also the perfect RV, camper, boat, and shed organization accessories! Share this set with your friends and discover all the ways you can Kuvu™ and clean up the clutter around your home.


• 3 Kuvu™ Starter Packs In Total 

• 2 Kuvu™ in Each Starter Pack

• Each Starter pack contains

• 1 Kuvu™ 15” length

• 1 Kuvu™  9”   length

• Made from 30% recycled truck tires

• Withstands outdoor temperatures, sun and snow

What are Kuvu™ users Saying?

Great home gadget Very practical to gather things and hang on hooks. This has provided a cleaner looking garage space. Very satisfied with them

– kuvu-mega-pack-20-piece-kuvu-pack

Simple but effective Was worth waiting the month they took to arrive (thanks COVID!). Have spent years attempting to imitate the concept using 1/4” irrigation tubing or plant ties.

– 10 -pc-pro-pack

These are Helpful These are very strong. They make power cord storage so much easier.

– the-all-new-bigger-stronger-kuvu-hd-5-piece-kuvu-hd-promo-pack

My husband is using the KuvuPros in his shop, and they work really well as an organization 'tool' for him. He has not used all of the ones in the pack yet but they will be handy for additional organization needs in the future. They are cleverly designed and we would highly recommend them. BTW, we think they would make a great gift for any homeowner who doesn't already have them.

– product/KuvuPro-Pack#reviews



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