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About Kuvu™

The Kuvu™ Story - Where does it begin?

The story of one family who needed help organizing small spaces.

It began in Canada with a family of five, three kids under the age of six, a busy Dad and a frustrated Mom. Picture their garage...bikes, shovels, Christmas lights, hoses, electrical cords, bats, snowboards, and of course, hockey sticks, lots of hockey sticks. Barely room to park the cars.

Mom goes into the garage one day to find yet another hockey stick fell against her minivan. This time leaving a nice dent. Seething with anger she scours the basement until she finds the drill. Dad, hearing the commotion, comes out to the garage, just in the nick of time. Dad can’t believe what he is seeing! Mom is about to drill a hole in the son's hockey stick!

He pleads with Mom to stop, stating she will damage the integrity of the stick, and ruin hockey forever. Reluctantly she stops. But Mom is frustrated; she needs change. Mom says the garage is a hazard that she can no longer take. She looks around the garage and sees the sticks against the wall, the baseball bat in the corner, the Christmas lights piled on the shelf in disarray, the hose crumpled against the door, the snowboards on the ground and says "we must find a way to clean up this garage".

That night the Mom and Dad sat down at the kitchen table and invented The Kuvu™

Hey, we have all been in those situations at home, at the cottage, in the RV, in the garage or shed that test our tidy nerve and make us want to be better organized, clutter free and able to find our stuff with ease. The Kuvu™ works perfectly with garage wall storage systems to give you a way to tie, hang, and organize clutter so it's easy to find, safe, and accessible.

Sticks, bats, skates and numerous other equipment pieces were consistently found on floors, being tripped over, or falling from someone’s lackadaisical placement in the corner of the garage onto the car. Perhaps it was the scratch the hockey stick left on the wall, or the baseball bat that was in the way which had to be avoided on our way to the basement, or the skates that were just sharpened falling onto the concrete in the basement that made the Kuvu™ come to fruition.

The Kuvu™ began from a need to organize, hang, loop, store, arrange, and make home items, sports equipment, tools, hoses, cords, be readily accessible and conveniently organized. You'll find a million and one basement, garage, and garden tool organization ideas to use with the Kuvu™ !

The Kuvu™ may or may not change your life. There have been some Kuvu™ users who would attest to life changing capabilities, but we can neither confirm nor discredit those statements.

However, we do know it has the capability to make life a little neater, cleaner, organized, and most importantly easier. We make organizing large and small spaces in your home easy with a multi-purpose, versatile organizational tool.

The Kuvu™ came from one family’s need to be better organized, clutter free, and make their busy life a little simpler. Now it can do the same for your family!



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