The Kuvu


How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE. This is for shipping our home organization products across Canada and the Continental United States. We have plans in the future to offer shipping internationally; check back with our website for more details at a future date.

How Long is Fulfillment and Handling?

We ship next business day. So, let's take an example :

Your purchase goes through on Monday, we will usually ship same day, but for sure by Tuesday. If you Purchase Saturday, we will ship Monday. We will do our best to fulfill weekend and Friday orders by next day, but not all carriers accept packages until next business day.

Where is the Kuvu™ Made?

The Kuvu™ is made strictly in Canada. Manufacturing, packaging, is all done in a reasonably small city in Ontario. There are no plans in the immediate future to move any production overseas. The material and recycled content of truck tires come from the northern United States.

What the *&%# does Kuvu™ Mean?

Simply put it’s a short form of “to persevere or to hang on to” or can be used “to endure”. If you want to go deeper, it comes from the Swahili Kuvumilia.

What does Kuvu™ hold?

The Kuvu™ is made for light duty use only. Please be responsible when using the Kuvu™ . It's perfect for camper organization to keep your gear tidy when not in use, and it's ideal for garage tool organization. So while The Kuvu™ is strong, it's not invincible. Use it wisely.

How many Kuvu™ do I Need?

Well, that depends on your project. How much stuff is on your floor, garage, shed, storage room being a nuisance? The more stuff, the more home organization products you'll need. We usually suggest starting with a PRO PACK of 10 Kuvu. That will get you on the right path to becoming a Kuvu™ champ. After that, you let us know how many things and uses you can Kuvu™.

Can I show you guys how I Kuvu™ ?

Yes! Please send us any Kuvu™'ing shots & videos. There is an abundance of stuff we don’t do, that we have no idea how to do, and that we have never done. We don’t pretend to know everything. Also use our social media links to help spread the word.

The FAQ section will grow as all the Kuvu™’ers send in their questions!
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