The Kuvu

What is the Kuvu™ ?

what is the kuvu?

Simple? Yes. Useful? You bet.

The Kuvu™ is a home organization product that can be used in hundreds of ways to hang, wrap, hold, loop, grab, organize & store almost anything you can think of. In fact, there’s probably hundreds more uses for the Kuvu™ we haven’t thought of yet! They are the perfect tool storage solutions for your garage, basement, storage room, and other cluttered areas of your home. They are so versatile they'll work with a variety of wall storage systems you already have in use, making them even more efficient and effective.

Strong? Yup. Durable?
Of Course.

The Kuvu™ has tremendous strength (it’s made from 30% recycled truck tires… mean tires). It can withstand outdoor temperatures brought on by sun and snow, so it's perfect for outdoor storage uses and it's great in garages and sheds.

the kuvu is made from recycled truck tires

The Kuvu™is an essential home organization product to have in your home, RV, boat, shed, garage, cottage, and more. The most versatile storage solution for all your needs!

Made in North America


How do you Kuvu™?

red hockey stick | the kuvu
Perfect for storing baseball
bats and hockey sticks

red hockey skates | the kuvu
The ideal storage tool for

hockey skates & roller blades

red hose | the kuvu
Your go-to solution for storing 
home and garden utilities like hoses, electrical cords and Christmas lights


...and so much more! 


drill | the kuvuhose | the kuvubackpack | the kuvulights | the kuvugate | the kuvusnowboard | the kuvuoars | the kuvu
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