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Kuvu™ Mega Pack - 20 Piece Kuvu™ Pack

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The 20 Piece Kuvu™ Mega Pack is the perfect way to tackle every organizing need in your garage, shed, basement, RV, pool house, or storage yesterday!

You'll love the way this simple storage solution keeps your gear in order when it's not in use. Why not declutter your tool room?

Give a Mega Pack  for your next gift! It's the perfect garage organization tool that can be used in a million different ways.

With 20 Kuvu™ in this Mega Pack, you'll be amazed at how many cheap garage storage ideas you can dream up for all the gear you need to organize!

  • 20 Kuvu™ included
  • 10 Kuvu™ 15” length
  • 10 Kuvu™ 9” length
  • Made from recycled truck tires
  • Withstands outdoor temperatures, sun and snow.


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Customer Reviews

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Versatile product

So many uses for this product. I have used it to hang electric cords and tie an arbor gate closed. Am looking for more areas around my place that I can use Kuvu. Great product. Not disappointed!

Neil Robinson
Potential new sales avenue for Kuvu & new package size suggestion

The majority of the large kuvu's will be used to support my young fruit trees while they are growing a larger trunk. Your product is superior to anything I have purchased in 40 years because of its durability and not being effected by severe weather conditions. Would like to have you consider offering a mega pack of large kuvus and adding a 20 inch size to your offerings. My 30+ years of agricultural sales & marketing experience tells me you should explore the nursery-eg Stark Brothers-as a potentially large demand for your Kuvus.

Thank you for your review! We have a 21' HD Kuvu and are looking into larger bulk packaging as well. More info to come on a new Material that is 100% recycled we are working on!

Margaret Ardwin
Presents for friends

I give eco-friendly gifts to my 20 colleagues every year. Each will get a large and a small Kuvu along with a copy of the package.

Melissa McDonald
Not just for your garage!

For years I have had no great way to store my shovels, pitchforks and pooper picker uppers. If I lean them on the wall, they fall down and deadly tines are pointing up and could hurt both human and animal. Unless there was a way to hang it on a nail, I would out of luck! KUVU allowed me to hang up all my tools, sharp points pointing toward the wall. Safe and organized! SO HAPPY I bought the MEGA PACK for my Brother in Law for Christmas!

TY! Pics look awesome

Very clever

Ingenious storage device. Sturdy!

Ty! Send us some Pics!



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