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Kuvu™ Pro Pack - 10 Kuvu™ Included

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The 10 Piece Kuvu™ Pro Pack is the perfect way to begin organizing your garage, shed, basement, RV, pool house or storage room.

You'll love the way this camper storage solution keeps your gear in order when it's not in use. Why not declutter your tool room?

Give a Pro Pack for your next gift! It's the perfect garage organization tool that can be used in a million different ways.

With 10 Kuvu™ in this Pro Pack, you'll be amazed at how many cheap garage storage ideas you can dream up for all the gear you need to organize!

  • 10 Kuvu™ included
  • 5   Kuvu™ 15” length
  • 5   Kuvu™ 9” length
  • Made from 30% recycled truck tires
  • Withstands outdoor temperatures, sun and snow.


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  • Ships to Canada and Continental US

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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Eva Shanley
      Very handy!

      Really helped us organize our messy shed. And what a great idea to use recycled tires; good for the disorganized among us (like me) and the environment!

      Laura J Parsons
      Very functional

      So easy to use and they keep me organized. Simple and effective. My extension coeds are all out of the way and hanging nicely.

      Jeff Ohlhausen
      Very handy

      Got my first pack and really like them so far. Canadian and using recycled material - win win.

      :) Good Eh?

      John Day
      Work great!

      Used them to organize the extension cords. So simple but work great for keeping extension cords separate but still hanging together on same hook.

      Seems to be the # 1 Use!!

      Leisa Suastegui
      Is there anything they can't do?

      I was looking for something to help with my storage needs in my basement and garage. I already had plenty of hooks and plastic bins, but nothing to help with the heavy and awkward stuff. Ta-Dah! In comes Kuvu and saves the day! I love these things, and the fact that they are made of recycled tires is a a huge bonus in my books. I highly recommend them!



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