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Kuvu™ DISCLAIMER & Tensile Strength Test Results

WARNING: Loads may disengage if proper installation and/or use procedures are not followed. The Kuvu™ hangers are designed to be components of a system and are therefore rated based on the working limit of the system to which they are attached. Inspect your Kuvu™ hangers before use and ensure that they are of adequate weight capacity and fit for the intended purpose. Do not use Kuvu™ hangers if they are damaged, distorted or repaired.


Click below on the link to see the Kuvu™ Tensile Test Results provided by the Canadian Centre for Product Validation CCPV in London Ontario.


 Kuvu™ Test Results


The Tensile Strength of the Kuvu™ was tested at temperatures ranging from -40⁰C to 60⁰C




See the Canadian Centre for Product Valuation



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