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Kuvu Unleashes its Power to Keep Canada and United States Organized

Kuvu Unleashes its Power to Keep Canada and United States Organized

London, Ontario, March 29th, 2017 - A perfectly simple storage and organization tool, Kuvu has been released into the USA and Canadian market.  Kuvu is now available in the United States and Canada, being the places of its major interest before it spreads to other continents and countries across the globe.

The Kuvu is made from recycled truck tires, making it a very strong product.  Its strength and rigidity makes it an essential tool for garage storage or home organization. Kuvu can be adapted to various uses, like hanging, wrapping, looping and storing virtually anything. It is a compact tool having many more uses than the above, and is the sure way to get organized at home and the workshop.  

Due to its versatility, the Kuvu is an essential addition to home storage, garage storage, shed, boat and RV.  There are hundreds of other uses for this strong and durable product. It can be wrapped around baseball bats or hockey sticks, roller blades or hockey skate. It will also wrap perfectly around various tools, like drills. It is helpful with Christmas lights, electrical cords, and hoses.

Kuvu’s design is innovative too; it is made to provide flexibility, durability, and strength. It is the perfect tool to secure various items, like cords, hoses, sports equipment and all kinds of tools. The material used in making the Kuvu has a high tensile strength, and the material is equally infused with rubber obtained from recycled truck tires.

The Kuvu can be used and reused for innumerable times, thereby removing the need to buy pesky zip ties or bungee cords all the time, which is not strong enough and does not last long.

The simplicity of Kuvu also sets it apart. It is the perfect tool to achieve tidiness and home organization in the simplest manner imaginable.  Additionally, it is easy to use. It can function perfectly in any space in the home, storage room, cottage, pool, RV, camper, shed or garage.

The Kuvu is equally affordable. With ten pieces, the end user can achieve the perfect garage or home organization and tidiness desired. It is the perfect tool for keeping various gears in a tidy pack when they are not in use instead of cluttering the room with the gears.

The pack of 10 Kuvu consists of 2 different sizes, which are five small nine inches Kuvu and five large fifteen inches Kuvu.

About Kuvu

Kuvu began in Canada with a family of five who felt the need to organize, hang, loop, store, arrange, and make home items, sports equipment, tools, hoses, cords, be readily accessible and conveniently organized.


The Kuvu

Lori Gicante

London, Ontario, Canada



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